This is how a multi-generation shoot should be done:

  1. Gorge yourself on post-holiday food until you feel too sleepy to help with the dishes
  2. Bribe children ages 2-64 with M&M’s to make them smile for the photographer
  3. Take the canoe out for a paddle and make-out session
  4. Challenge the in-laws to cornhole
  5. Relax in the tree swing
  6. Beat up on a snowman piñata until he drops a load of candy
  7. Repeat as desired

This photoshoot was a blast. How often do you get to use a full-sized teepee as a backdrop?

Grandma looks relaxed, right?

Remember these guys’ engagement photos?

Yeah, these guys know what they’re doing.


Get this kid a barbell and he’s ready for the summer olympics U.S. power-lifting team.

This guy is such an athlete, he blindfolded himself.

Ahh, Kimosabe… some candy not found in snowman.

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