Most guys like to plan. Even the guys who don’t like to plan probably plan their engagement story. And everything would always go according to plan, if only there wasn’t another person involved.

Tim planned to ask Courtney to marry him on a hiking trip at Joshua Tree. They had a great day and it was time for Tim to set the final stages of his plan into motion.

As they were sitting in the car watching the sun set and reading Louis Lamore (probably not a usual suspect in engagement stories), Tim suggested they get out of the car.

“But it’s cold out there,” said Courtney. “I don’t wanna get out of the car.”

Convincing someone that they should just go along with the plan is harder when you can’t tell them what the plan is. But in the end, here’s where they ended up. Such a great day.

Florist: Pam J. Null

Catering: Curly Carrot

Videographer: Placid Pictures Video Productions