Jill and I spent Christmas in Escondido with her sister’s family. Jill’s brother drove in with his dog from Arizona and we had a great time… mostly. Three of us got the flu one after another. First, Jill’s brother went down. Then Maddie started up-chucking (which she calls burps, kinda cute actually). It was a long night of holding an icecream bucket in front of my two-year old while we watched Milo and Otis. The next day was Christmas Eve and it was my turn. Christmas just isn’t Christmas when you’re afraid to eat everything. Don’t worry, I’m making up for it this week!

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, they’re all great occasions to share with family. Unfortunately, they are also perfect opportunities to share germs with your families. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas without the flu.

Here are few photos of the Kimm family the week before Christmas. It’s always fun to watch families interact with each other. These guys are not short on humor. It was fun, even on a rainy day like we had.

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