My wife and I were dating when I helped her move out to Southern California seven years ago. G. Barents was one of the first people I met from the RCS community. Jill and I were preparing her classroom and G. came in, sat down, and talked to us about the school and the church. Needless to say, we knew a lot more about the school and the church after our history lesson.

There’s something kind of awesome (in the true meaning of the word) about seeing these kids.  I just kept thinking about a young G. and J. beginning a family, and decades later here is what that family has grown into.  I was looking at a live family tree.







Even though they were goofing around, I really like this photo.  This is a strong family, illness or no illness.

L. put the guns away!  They’re covering up your sister-in-law.


I’m pretty sure that they were arguing about who Grandma and Grandpa liked best. L. just about brought out the guns again before everything quieted down.

There are more photos on the gallery site. Be sure to check it out. More on our time with this awesome family tomorrow.

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