I just started reading a book called Drive. It’s about what motivates us. For a long time, scientists thought that people were motivated by the need for survival and something the author calls self-economics. In other words, if doing something will benefit my economic situation, I’m likely to be motivated to do it. And for a lot of us, these two motivations remain the rule. But then there are people like Rod Collins.

Rod is a dentist in Redlands. He has a successful practice that provides for his family and allows him to do something that he loves and is good at. For most that would be enough. But a few years ago, Rod was driven by what the book calls the third motivation (read the book for an adequate explanation) to start a church. And he did. Today, Rod is not only a dentist with a successful practice in Redlands, he is also the lead pastor for Sanctuary Church in Beaumont. I had a great time photographing Rod in lots of different places, including on the side of Highway 10.

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