Since Jill and I got married almost eight years ago I’ve worn a wedding ring that reminds me of the promise I made to her and to God. Lately, I’ve also been wearing a pink bracelet embossed with the words, “PRAY FOR MADDIE.” For those who don’t already know, our three-year-old daughter is going through chemotherapy treatments to get rid of a tumor that was found in her six weeks ago. When Maddie was diagnosed, a few families ordered these bracelets and passed them out by the hundreds to remind people to keep our Maddie in their prayers.

I pray often for Maddie. But that’s not what the bracelet reminds me of. Instead, it seems to be a constant reminder of the church – in the big sense of the word, and how powerful it can be. I see people in our community wearing these bracelets and I’m humbled. For six weeks, our family has been surrounded and covered in love by the people of the church. Through this, I’ve seen the church at its best. This is what it was designed to do – to be a vehicle for God’s love and the Holy Spirit to move from, to, and in between God’s people.

I think we all find ourselves occasionally looking for evidence of God’s existence. A miracle here or there, someone raised from the dead or walking on water would go a long way in shoring up the sometimes gaping holes in our faith. It would just be easier to believe if we could see God for ourselves everyday. Well, Maddie’s cancer has shown me evidence of God – in everyone who has brought a meal, or sent a thoughtful card, or tapped us on the shoulder and let us know they are praying for Maddie. Jill and I are grateful for all of the things people continue to do for us, not just for the things themselves, but because they are a revelation of God’s existence. It is the church being the church. And it is a powerful reminder of what we are part of.

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