When you’re running a business, you inevitably have to consider your competition. Increased competition puts pressure on a business. It would be easy for photographers to look at each other only as competitors. To some degree, we are competitors. But I’ve been surprised to find that photographers are much more interested in learning from each other and helping each other realize a common dream than they are in squashing one another.

Jeff and Erin Youngren were one of my first introductions to the generosity of the photographer community. The Youngrens have built a very successful business through the combination of their artistic talent and their huge love for people. A year ago, they were kind enough to invite me to one of their weddings. They didn’t have to invite me. They didn’t need me there, and in fact, they took a huge risk by allowing me to come. It was a 100% selfless thing to do, and they did it so that another photographer could get better.

Thank you, Jeff and Erin for being enthusiastic mentors to Jill and me in our photography business. We love the photographs from our session with you and we can’t wait to finally have great family photos up on our wall. You guys are awesome!

The Youngrens

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