Baseball is a family sport. It’s no wonder that baseball brought Mike and Eve, and their families together. Mike coached his son’s baseball team. Eve’s son was also on the team. It took her a while to get up the courage to call Mike and ask him if he’d like to get together for coffee or dinner sometime. But she did. And they did. And last weekend Mike and Eve got married at the Redlands Country Club.

A photographer couldn’t ask for a better looking couple.

I loved this moment too. There’s nothing like dodging a few golf balls to make a wedding shoot exciting.

Dad giving away his daughter. Always a great moment.

Yes! One of my favorite catches of the day. Don’t let this guy deny it, there was drool to prove it.

This is one good looking family.

Congratulations, guys.

This is Mike’s dad. I’m shamelessly fascinated with his mustache. When I see him, I want him to smoke a pipe and tell me a story.

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