This is Halle. She’s awesome. When we brought our three-year-old daughter, Maddie, into Loma Linda Children’s Hospital last May for cancer treatment Halle and her parents were our first roommates. Since then, we have gotten to know them and the disease Halle is fighting. Fighting is an understatement. Halle is an incredibly strong little girl. She has fought off the effects of three rounds of chemotherapy, she’s fought the temptation to be anything but happy and cheerful, and she’s about to fight through the havoc that a bone marrow transplant will have on her little body.

Jill and I think about Halle and her family constantly. As difficult as the last few months have been for us, we feel lucky that our treatment stage is over. Halle and her parents have a long road ahead of them. But we believe in them. Like I said, Halle is a three-year-old tank, and her parents are great parents. They continue to juggle their lives with grace and courage. If you’re interested in learning more about Halle, check out her Facebook page. They will need all of our prayers, encouragement, and support over the next three years (that’s right, three years until they breathe easier).

Our photo-shoot was just before Halle’s family birthday party, so she and her little brother were a little squirrelly, but we got some great moments of all of them. I enjoyed climbing a tree to get the angle for some of the family shots.

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