Welcome to all of you who are visiting this photo blog for the first time. If you’re a friend or family member coming over from the Mark and Jill blog, you probably know that I’ve been talking about and dreaming about getting serious about photography for a long time. Well, now I’m doing it.

I’ve launched this blog as a way for people to see my work, and as a way to keep me accountable for shooting several times a week. Thanks to Greg and Rachel, Sheila, and of course, Madelyn, I’ve been able to begin building a portfolio for others to see. If you’re interested in helping me continue building my portfolio, please let me know; I’d love the practice! I’m eager to do some senior portraits this summer as well as more children and couples. Call or email and we’ll set up a date!

Here are some of the photos that Jill and I took to celebrate six months with Madelyn. It was my first time using a flash and I’ve got some learning to do, but a lot of these turned out great.

I learned that babies aren’t supposed to have strawberries at this age, but we thought we’d make an exception for the photo shoot.

I love hats!

boom! She’s got to work on her balance yet.

At six months, Madelyn is already very reflective…

…and patriotic.

This one’s for Jill’s dad who loves dogs and gave Maddie this toy (I think).

Thanks for stopping by! Please be sure to let me know if you live in the Redlands, CA area and you’re ready to set up a date for you and your significant other, or you and your kids, or just you!

Come back soon!

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