I never thought I’d ever say this, but summer is coming too quickly. I wish things would just slow down. Yeah, I’m looking forward to my summer break from grad school. I’m looking forward to a trip back to Minnesota. And I’m really looking forward to having a couple major date nights/weekends with Jill. (We’ve each been planning.) But I’m really not looking forward to our year with my cousin and his family coming to a close. They will be heading back to the Midwest in July. We have had a great time with them here in Redlands. I really loved having a piece of my family – my childhood – here in California with me. I think the golden state will be a little lonelier when they leave. I think all of my friends (and especially Paul and Danae) are going to have to invite me over for some pity pizza this summer. If you don’t invite me, I’ll likely show up on my own, so don’t be surprised.

Remember this little thing? Well she’s getting bigger, fast. I really enjoyed using the black backdrop for this shoot to create more of a studio feel for these images.

Happy little girl with her dad.

And the best shot, of course, is taken as the backdrop falls down.

“Get me outta here!”

Special thanks to the big sister for helping her baby sister to smile and laugh!

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