For years, I’ve been thinking about doing a shoot with Greg and Rachel. They wanted to update their albums, and I wanted the portrait practice. But since I’d been shooting film and mostly landscapes up until recently, we just never took the leap to set a date and see what we could produce.

Well, a few weekends ago we got together on an overcast morning and did what we’d been talking about all this time. It was the most fun I’ve had with a camera yet. These guys were troopers – Rachel was freezing, and Greg just kept making out with his wife whenever I asked him to. We had a lot of fun.

Their dog was not amused.

The guys in the garbage truck started honking and whistling.

It’s easy to take hip photos with a couple that looks like they could be hosting the MTV music awards.

It was just so much fun to hang out with these guys.

This is one of my favorites of Rachel.

Greg was all too willing to kiss Rachel when I asked him to.

Thanks Greg and Rachel!  And Congratulations!!

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