Jill and I were very excited to have something cool to donate to the Holland Festival auction this year. Not that a free weekend of babysitting isn’t cool (this has been our standard auction donation for the past few years), but we were looking forward to being able to donate something unique. The Holland Festival benefits Redlands Christian School, a K-8 school and community that has been indescribably good to us over the last 8 years. So good to us that what started out as a 2-3 year adventure away from Minnesota has turned into… well, we bought a house in December. So we were pumped to offer family portrait sessions as a small way to contribute to a community that has shown us so much love.

We really didn’t know how successful the portrait sessions would be, so we were flabbergasted (If I stare at that word for more than 15 seconds I start to hear Bill Cosby in my head doing the dentist bit), anyway – flabbergasted when one session turned into two and then into three for a price that made RCS a good bit of money.

The Evangelistos were one of the families that got a portrait session from the auction and it was great to hang out with them. Although, it was a bit of an adventure. We chose a secret location that is so tucked away, we didn’t even find each other until more than an hour after our scheduled session time. But it was worth it. This is such a cool place for photography!






Thanks, Evangelisto Family!

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