Jill and I want to thank all of our friends and clients for the thoughts and prayers that have been coming to us via email and Facebook. For those blog followers that don’t know, a doctor found a small malignant tumor in our oldest daughter. The last two weeks have been crazy with fear, prayers, friends, and doctors. But the prognosis is very good. We have a treatment plan and the doctors are really confident that this is just going to be a brief chapter in the beginning of Maddie’s life. Thanks to all of our clients who have been patient with us while we turned our attention elsewhere over the last couple of weeks. We’ll be getting our recent shoots processed asap.

And I have to thank one of our favorite clients, Elise who turned one a few weeks ago. She has been very patiently waiting for me to finish up her photos. Now that we’ve had a little break in the doctor action, I got a chance to get her shoot done. Thanks for waiting, Elise! (And mom and dad.)

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