Yesterday’s post brought you right up to David and Caitlin’s ceremony and stopped. Today’s post gives you the ceremony and beyond. I can’t say it enough. What a great day. Thanks David and Caitlin.

I loved Caitlin’s entrance coming down the hill to the beautiful view at Serendipity in Oak Glen, CA with trusty sidekick and maid of honor clinging to the back of the golf cart.

David watching his bride-to-be walk up the aisle.

This little girl was awesome. She carefully considered each rose petal before letting go and allowing it to float down to the grass. She nearly stole the show.

But then came the real show-stopper!

Brothers don’t shake hands. Brothers gotta… kiss?

They couldn’t keep there hands off of her.

Very dapper.

It was a great day. Thank you guys for letting me be part of it.

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