Bob and Sheila are two of the most fun people every, and I don’t think that anyone who knows them would disagree. Bob is a physicist and works at an atom smasher in Loma Linda (how cool is that?!… an atom smasher!) Sheila is the front line of friendly at the River church. Her job is to control the crazy. These two planned a phenomenal wedding on Oct. 30, that included a costume party rehearsal where among the guests were Ken and Barbie complete with cellophane boxes, and a giant hot dog complete with mustard. They love Disneyland more than two people should and Sheila grew up in Minnesota! No wonder they’re so much fun to be around.

I had a blast with their wedding. Special thanks to Michael Fletcher who shot with me and was fantastic to work with.

Here’s the lineup of awesome people that Bob and Sheila recruited to make their wedding day the bomb.

Venue: The River Christian Reformed Church

Videographer: Rustic Red Studio

Reception Message Videographer: Awestruck Editing

Barber for the guys: Barber ‘ettes in Grand Terrace

Beautician for the gals: Julian August in Redlands

Sweet Ride: Classy Chassis Rentals (Mel is the best!)

Coffee Bar: Espresso Chauffeur

Desserts: The Other Woman Catering

Meet Bob.

This is one happy bride!

awww. The first look.