It’s tough to find a full-time teaching position in February.  I graduated from UND with a music education degree in December.  I loaded up my Ford Explorer with as much as I cared about and headed Southwest to California where there was a girl waiting for me.

When I got here, I had nothing to do.  There was only one reason for me to get up in the morning before 10:00 a.m.  I had to teach a wild bunch of fifth-grade boys how to play drums.  So I did, or at least I gave it a shot.  They were crazy.  It was like trying to tame an ant hill.

Kyle was one of those crazy fifth-graders seven years ago.  At that time, we were sure that our adventure in California would last two, maybe three years.  But here we are, seven years later taking Kyles senior portraits.  And we wouldn’t trade it for anywhere else in the world.








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