The Hekman Family – part 1

We share a love for Thai food, meaningful discussions, and the bible.  Based on Matt’s 30th birthday party, I think they are some of our crazier friends.

The Hekmans are one of the original couples in the couples bible study that started almost five years ago.  Back then we talked about the joys and challenges of being young and married.  Now we talk about diapers and ear infections.  My mother wrote an email to us the other day that said, “you guys have one of the strongest support system of friends that I’ve ever seen.”  And she’s right.  We are so blessed by the people around us.

Little Ethan is already a looker.  I don’t know if he knew what to think about all of the giant orange orbs that surrounded him at the pumpkin patch.

2008 10 18 Hekmans 005_blog

2008 10 18 Hekmans 273_bw-blog

2008 10 18 Hekmans 071_bw-blog

2008 10 18 Hekmans 061_bw-blog

2008 10 18 Hekmans 051_bw-blog

2008 10 18 Hekmans 058_blog

2008 10 18 Hekmans 137_blog



  1. Yay, fun 🙂 I love them! I’m amazed that you could get some good shots with the way that Ethan was not cooperating. You definitely got a run for your money with us! I think my favorite one of Ethan is the 4th one down. Thanks for getting rid of his bruises. While it is life, it’s nice to have a shot without them too. I also love the last one of the 3 of us, I want to use that on our Christmas card. I can’t wait to see the rest 🙂

  2. I agree with Jess…he was such a wiggler, and I was very impressed with what you got…hoping for parts II and III of the Hekman shoot coming up?!

  3. Mark, I am so impressed by these pictures. You are very talented and such have an eye for detail. (and yes, it helps that Ethan is already such a looker;).

    ~Crystal (friend of Jessica)

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