When I need help with my sprinklers, Matt is there for me. When I need someone to lend me gopher traps, Matt is the guy I call. The Hekmans have been friends of ours for years. Jess is incredibly creative and loves photography. She recently started her own photography business. Check her out! Their little family has grown by one since the last time I photographed them. We had a lot of fun with balloons and bubbles and jumping off of rocks.


  1. Great Pictures, WOW,,love them….Very talented..

  2. Beautiful, Mark you did a great job capturing our children and grandchildren, love the photos!!

  3. Awww! The ones of Alayna’s drooly face are too cute and will bring back some great memories when she’s older. They’re all very full of LIFE. Well done!

  4. Seriously, what an easy family to photograph cause they are so stinkin’ cute! Great job behind the lens Mark. 🙂

  5. I love these pictures. Great couple pics, family pics and individuals. Fun pictures with the smiles and somber looks, too. Good job capturing the Hekmans, Mark!

  6. I love it! The brown and green balloons were such a cute idea. :0)

  7. The pictures are so fun. I love, love the serious one of Matt holding and kissing Jess. It is like a postcard.

  8. Really nice! I love the ones of Alayna in the balloons. And I absolutely agree with Denise – that picture (and the one with Jess smiling) are really stunning. Great job Mark!

  9. I love them Mark! Thanks so much 🙂 Amazing job as always! You caught some awesome moments.

    The second one with Alayna and the balloons is so fun. The one of Ethan walking with the balloons is great too. I also love the black and white one of the 4 of us up on the hill just kinda interacting.

    I loved doing some pictures of just Matt and I. My favorite one is the one just under the shot of us jumping… with the sun behind us and me looking at the camera. There’s lots of framers for sure!

  10. All of the pictures are beautiful, but how nice to see so many “couple” photos long after the engagement and wedding. The love is palpable!!

  11. I can’t decide if I like the black and white or the color ones best. They are all beautiful!

  12. I love the pictures! All the vivid colors and the composition is wonderful! They really capture the love and affection you all have for each other!

  13. Wow, these pictures are amazing! The family photos are great! The one of Jess jumping, he face is pretty hilarious…haha. My favorite one is the black and white family interacting one…pretty cool!

  14. I love the one of you looking serious Jess… you look like a model! What a cute family =)

  15. WOW, those turned out FABULOUS! I love the balloons, and the couple shots are gorgeous! AWESOME job Mark!

  16. Great shots! Love the one with Ethan and the balloons. Great job just taking pictures of the Matt and Jess too.

  17. Great photos! I especially love the one of the two of you third from the end 🙂

  18. What fun! There are some really creative shots. Mommy and Alayna together is so cute. Alyana smiled so sweet. My favorite of Ethan is the black and white with the balloons. The lake shot is great of Jessica & Matt too. Those will be great keepsakes to have.

  19. Beautiful pictures! Good looking family!

  20. So cute. Couldn’t possibly be cuter. LOVE THE BALLOONS!

  21. Great shots!!! Those will be some great lasting memories!!!

  22. Love, love, love them! Great idea with the balloons. I think my favorites are of Matt holding Jessica from behind both with and without her smiling…just beautiful!

  23. Gorgeous pictures!!!!! What a beautiful family ! Nice work Mark!

  24. Beautiful and fun photos. Alayna’s drooly face is precious and I love the vibrant colors, but for sure the couple shots are my fave! I am sure Mark would do awesome wedding or engagement pics and I’m a girl in the market for a great photographer…..

  25. The vivid colors and photo composition definitely convey that the family is fun loving.

  26. What amazing pictures. The color use is outstanding and … Of course an amazing family!

  27. Wow, these pics are beautiful. I especially love the one where you are facing the lake. That is so romantic.

  28. Jess-I have always loved your big, beautiful smile but that pic where you are not smiling looking straight into the camera is just stunning!

  29. I love these pics!! Of course they turned out great. The whole Hekman family is SO photogenic! Beautiful!

  30. Gorgeous images, gorgeous couple. I LOVE the brown and green, great idea. Black and white are always my favorite!

  31. I was ready to say which ones were my favorite when I first started scrolling down, and then I realized that I couldn’t pick one or two favorites. I LOVE all of them…beautiful pictures!!

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